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Hey there! My name is Jon, and I’m a Pet Groomer here at Stone’s Groom Room! I’ve been in the grooming industry for a little over 5 years now; and have gained extensive experience and knowledge from my time working with all different kinds of animals, from the small and scaly, to the large and hairy! I started my career training underneath a Poodle specialty groomer in Carmel, CA. (Lots of big, fluffy haircuts!) Since then I’ve worked at many shops; from small mom and pops, to big box stores all up and down the coast. In that time, I was also able to become internationally certified for grooming through the ISCC. I even worked for a time as a Veterinary Assistant to further my education outside of canine cosmetology! I eventually made my way back here to Pacific Grove, and I’m loving it! I’m very excited to be a part of such a wonderful business and community. If you have any questions, or just want to say “Hey!”, feel free stop by! I’m ecstatic to meet you, and your fur family.

Text or call me at (831) 200-5068.


I've been a pet lover since I can remember. I started bathing the neighborhood dogs when I was only 6 years old, and knew then I only wanted to work with pets. I have 2 dogs of my own and a cat. I've been involved in grooming for 10+ years now and started in Palo Alto at Classic Pet where I was taught by one of the best and most experienced groomers in the area, who took me under their wing and taught me everything they knew. I've also been grooming my own Goldendoodle regularly for about 12 years and she's put up with some very interesting and experimental grooming techniques and styles. I can do a range of custom and standard breed cuts, but no matter what, your pet's safety and comfort always comes first; I stand by my own personal policy of comfort before vanity. I will never schedule more pets than I can comfortably handle and I prefer to take things at a slower pace pace and never rush the bathing or drying process. No matter the situation, I always use a very gentle and loving touch with every pet I have the honor of grooming. It's always gentle care for your best friend!

Offering 10% off service if paid in cash.

*Nails, ears and gland expression are included in all FULL SERVICE BATHS & GROOMS only.

Text or call me at (831) 235-2945.